Nexocura is a patented smart drug delivery system that provides patients with a solution for safe, fast, and nonsurgical bone fracture healing by stimulating natural pathways.

The Issue

About 5-10% of bone fractures heal poorly, and that number rises to 50% for patients with comorbidities. Specifically, a patient’s fracture is designated as a delayed union if the bone has not healed between three and six months after surgical intervention. This is the point in time when patients need a solution to help their fracture properly repair.


Nexocura is a combination of a proprietary growth factor in an advanced microdelivery system. The growth factor stimulates cartilage and bone to accelerate fracture repair, and the delivery system allows for sustained release in the localized target site.

MTM Student Engagement

Our team conducted a survey among 28 orthopedic surgeons to get direct feedback from key opinion leaders and confirm the market opportunity. We investigated the manufacturing process of our combination product and identified the regulatory pathway.

Project Leader

Chelsea Bahney

PhD Principal Investigator

Bone Repair & Regenerative Therapeutics

MTM Team Members

Arisa Chuklin

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Design

Purdue University

Bethany Hall

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Cal Poly SLO

Bryce Kirby

B.S. in Neuroscience

Colorado College

Claire Bogosian

B.S. in Bioengineering

UC Berkeley

Naveen Dhawan