Glyphic Biotechnology


Glyphic Biotechnology is focused on developing a protein-sequencing platform that will provide information on the human proteome at a single molecule resolution.

The Issue

Current approaches to protein lack the ability to balance efficiency while maintaining high throughput and the ability to detect with a low abundance of proteins.


Glypic Biotechnology is developing a protein-sequencing platform with single-molecule resolution and higher sensitivity.

MTM Student Engagement

Our MTM team is working on developing a business strategy and establishing an effective project management workflow by creating pricing models, defining a go-to-market strategy, and managing both internal and external work streams of the company.

Project Leader

Joshua Yang


MTM Team Members

Kuval Ray

B.S. Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

University of Colorado, Boulder

Marialena Varympopioti

B.S. Biochemistry

University of St. Andrews

Taylor Pistone

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Neuroscience

Lehigh University