Enteral Isolation Device


The enteral isolation device is designed to provide longer lasting and lower risk treatment for patients with a gastric outlet obstruction.

The Issue

Current treatments for gastric outlet obstruction include surgery, which has high risks and long recovery times, or endoscopic stenting, which is a short-term solution. A third treatment option, endoscopic gastrojejunostomy, contains the best parts of the prior two options. However, it is technically difficult.


Improving visualization of the region of the small intestine that will be connected to the stomach can ease technical difficulties. This can be done through the release of turbulent fluid containing contrast which is visible under both x-ray and ultrasound.

MTM Student Engagement

Our capstone team performed a patentability and freedom to operate analysis, in order to aid in acquiring a provisional patent. Additionally, we prototyped a balloon catheter design that was tested in a pig carcass for proof of concept.

Project Leader

Craig Munroe

MD Associate Professor and Associate Chief of Clinical Innovation

UCSF Health GI Division

MTM Team Members

Brendan Lin

B.S. Mechanical Engineering


Bethany Hall

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Cal Poly SLO

Dhruv Atri

B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology

Augusta University

Trevor Huffaker

B.S. Mechanical Engineering