Our Philosophy

The MTM program is specifically designed for students seeking to build a career in medical-technology innovation and development. Through our highly specialized curriculum, students are provided with the fundamental skills necessary to become experts at transforming new biomedical discoveries into real-world clinical products. The MTM program is best suited for students who intend to pursue a professional career developing new medical technologies, and who wish to become leaders in the emerging field of translational medicine. Other graduate degrees have some similarities to the MTM degree, but each is unique. Use the guide below to compare various options:

  • MS/PhD – For those seeking a research or academic career, a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree may be the best. However, if you ever intend to start a medical-technology company, or want to become an expert at transforming new discoveries into clinical products, the MTM program is an excellent choice. In addition to fundamental technical/engineering coursework, the MTM program also provides the business and clinical skills necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the translational pathway, which goes beyond traditional bench-top research.
  • MBA – A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be a good fit for those students who are only interested in the business and leadership aspects of medical-technology development and entrepreneurship. However, for those students who also want to hone their scientific/engineering skill set, the MTM program will likely be a better choice. MTM students deepen their technological expertise by completing 10 units of graduate-level bioengineering coursework, including focused work on the capstone project, which integrates the technical and leadership elements of the curriculum.
  • MEng – A Master of Engineering (MEng) degree may be a good choice for students seeking to become leaders in technology-focused industries. However, for those students who are specifically interested in the clinical aspects of medical-technology development, the MTM degree is likely the best choice. To more fully understand the translational pathway for new medical technologies, students in the MTM program are provided with additional clinical and regulatory knowledge that is absent from most traditional MEng programs. Specifically, MTM students learn the fundamentals of clinical trials and research, healthcare finance and economics, and FDA regulations, which are essential for successful medical innovation. By leveraging the strengths of Berkeley’s College of Engineering and UCSF’s Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, the MTM program is uniquely positioned to provide students with a combination of technical and clinical expertise.

MTM UCSF Graduate Program Bylaws