The experience of students in the MTM program is unlike other graduate programs. Students are members of two campus communities, taking classes, participating in activities, and working on projects in both Berkeley and San Francisco. This allows students to take advantage of the resources of these two world-class institutions.

Students describe the program as intense and fast-paced. As noted in the curriculum, the MTM is multifaceted, and students appreciate being able to see the entrepreneurial implications of their technical work while taking a range of classes with leading experts in multiple fields.

Class of 2024 Profile

Class Profile infographic with the following information. Gender: 53% Female, 47% Male Class Size: 34 Avg. GPA: 3.53 Undergraduate Degree: 56% Engineering, 44% Biology 61% hold a BS degree from a US school Background: 10% Clinician, 30% Straight from UG, 60% Work Experience Avg. Ave: 26

Stuart Altman

Class of 2014

“The MTM program provides much more than the training to translate a medical innovation from bench top to bedside. As I realized throughout the program, students from very diverse backgrounds are being transformed into future leaders in the medical industry. The training and exposure I received across the board with engineering leadership, medical device development, entrepreneurship, and clinical R&D through the MTM program was the best preparation to achieve my long-term career goals.”