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Shuvo Roy

UC San Francisco Faculty Director

Dr. Roy is the Engineering Lead for UCSF Surgical Innovations, which identifies, mentors and facilitates the translation of medical technologies into transformative new devices and treatments to improve human health. He teaches a bioengineering course on translational challenges for medical devices and diagnostics, and currently acts as the Faculty Director of the UCSF-UCB Master of Translational Medicine (MTM) program.

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Verna Rodriguez

Executive Director

Verna directs and administers the Masters program at both campuses (Berkeley and UCSF).

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Headshot of Desiree Khu

Desiree Khu

UCSF MTM Coordinator

Desiree provides administrative and logistics support for Dr. Shuvo Roy and his Biodesign lab. She is the program coordinator for the Master of Translational Medicine Program (MTM).

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