Perikinetics is developing an insulin delivery platform that focuses on delivering insulin straight into the intraperitoneal cavity, allowing for improved patient quality of life.

The Issue

Patients using traditional insulin pumps to manage their diabetes may experience issues with maintaining their blood glucose levels in range. This is due to the nature of the subcutaneous delivery, which results in poor patient quality of life and health outcomes. 


To develop an improved system for diabetes patients to control their blood glucose levels, we innovated upon current intraperitoneal insulin delivery techniques that fix the issues of infection, dehumanizing design, and potential for occlusion.

MTM Student Engagement

Our team has focused on conducting literature and market research, as well as helping to create a clinical strategy for the product. Additionally, we completed user interviews to obtain feedback on the design.

Project Leader

Chris Hanson

M.S., Co-Founder & C.E.O.

MTM Team Members

Anna Serra Domenech

B.E. Bioengineering

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Bailey McEachen

B.AS Biology

University of Notre Dame

Rico Pesce

B.A. Computer Science

Columbia University