Safebeat Rx


Safebeat Rx is developing a minimally viable artificial intelligence software product for post
hospitalization heart failure patients that will retrieve measurements from remotely connected telemetry digital devices, weight scales, and BP monitors, along with any other required health data collection to dose medications for patients who are in active heart failure.

The Issue

Heart failure affects over 6.5 million Americans and has a 5-year mortality of 75%. Furthermore,
patients frequently spend these last years of their lives in and out of the hospital. Currently, heart
failure patients represent some of the highest costs to healthcare systems, due to the penalties incurred
by the frequent 30-day Medicare readmissions rate after initial HF stabilization.


Safebeat is leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop software for remote heart
failure monitoring. Giving more accessible treatment to heart failure patients, particularly those in the
advanced stages, in lower acuity settings like outpatient and ideally at home would aid by increasing
patient comfort and bringing down healthcare costs. The reason for many heart failure admissions is
due to fluid overload that can’t be handled well by a weakened heart muscle resulting in pulmonary
edema and peripheral leg edema, for which the usual treatment is titration of diuretic medications.
SafeBeat’s product will be the first to retrieve highly relevant clinical data (digital PA pressure, etc.) and
combine that into a treatment recommendation (go to the hospital, increase the dosage of diuretics,
start titration down of diuretic medication, or consider additional diuretic medication, etc).

MTM Student Engagement

Our MTM team will be involved with customer discovery, market analysis, clinical trials, business operations, IP, reimbursement, and product management.