PyrAmes: Trauma


PyrAmes operates with a deep commitment to improving healthcare by developing solutions for precise, continuous blood pressure measurement. A patient’s blood pressure is indicative of general health and wellbeing, and can also offer critical insights into patient condition. Under the current standard of care, however, blood pressure monitoring is either intermittent and unreliable, or continuous, invasive and time-consuming. As such, PyrAmes seeks to address the clinical need to obtain continuous blood pressure measurements using technology that is non-invasive, highly reliable and easy to administer.

The Issue

Blood pressure (BP) is typically monitored via sphygmomanometry (blood pressure cuff) or arterial line; however, each of these methods has its drawbacks. Sphygmomanometry is non-invasive and easy to administer, but can only provide intermittent measurement of BP, is somewhat unreliable, and can be uncomfortable for patients. On the other hand, arterial lines offer reliable, continuous measurement of BP, but are invasive, uncomfortable and require both time and skill to implement. PyrAmes are diligently crafting a solution that can provide precise, continuous blood pressure monitoring that is non-invasive and easy to administer.


PyrAmes specializes in continuous non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP) monitoring solutions. Their flagship product, Boppli™, is designed for neonatal infants in the NICU, offering gentle, continuous blood pressure monitoring without the complications of traditional methods. 

For adult patients, PyrAmes offers Bosimi™ – a user-friendly inpatient platform delivering vital signs data to prevent medical crises. They also provide Bosimi@Home™, extending their commitment to improved healthcare outcomes through unobtrusive home care solutions. PyrAmes’ mission is to enhance patient well-being with their expertise in convenient, real-time monitoring.

MTM Student Engagement

MTM students are supporting PyrAmes to explore the expansion of their trademark cNIBP technology to trauma and pre-admission care settings. MTM students will conduct user needs evaluations, stakeholder and market analysis, clinical studies, and financial planning to support PyrAmes’ business development. Students engage in regular weekly meetings with PyrAmes to present their ongoing progress and seek guidance on effectively addressing the start-up’s needs and goals. The ultimate aim is twofold: for students to gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of a startup and for PyrAmes to benefit from the valuable assistance provided by MTM students in advancing its entrepreneurial endeavors.