ReValve Med, Inc


ReValve is developing a solution for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
patients who will outlive the limited durability of current TAVR options.

The Issue

TAVR durability is limited in bioprosthetic devices to around 8 years. Patients under 75
years old who undergo TAVR procedures only have two options after the outlived TAVR
fails: open heart surgery or valve-in-valve implantation. Each has risks and may not be
possible for some patients.


ReValve is developing two devices which work as a system: one focused on removing and
retrieving degenerated TAVR, bioprosthetic, or native valves, and the other focused on
stabilizing patient hemodynamics during implantation of a new TAVR.

MTM Student Engagement

Our capstone team refined the optimal prototypes among the IP already submitted for
patent application. Additionally, we created the user needs experience, market
assessment, and business plan for the devices, as well as examined the IP, FTO analysis,
and planned the regulatory strategy.