Atapir is an innovative medical device company that is leading the charge in developing
cutting-edge AI and machine vision solutions for patient monitoring. Their revolutionary
technology allows for wireless monitoring of patients using only a camera and AI, eliminating
the need for intrusive wires and cables. By providing real-time monitoring and early warning
systems, Atapir is expected to prevent deaths and improve patient outcomes in hospitals and
healthcare facilities around the world.

The Issue

AtapiCurrently, only about half of hospital patients receive continuous monitoring, with outdated
systems relying on a mess of wires and sticky pads that are not only uncomfortable to patients
and time consuming to set up, but they are also prohibitively expensive — less than 40% of
patients at hospitals receive continuous monitoring, leading to hundreds of thousands of
preventable deaths each year from sudden cardiac or respiratory arrest.


Atapir’s approach utilizes a camera system and a variety of different software features to measure
different biological parameters, such as oxygen saturation, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

MTM Student Engagement

The aim of the MTM students is to validate, develop, and test a new feature to these monitors,
specifically through an algorithm that can extract a feature from the visual information captured
by the camera system.