MelioLabs transforms testing for infectious disease, beginning with a focus on the neonatal sepsis market.


The Issue

Neonatal sepsis kills 1 million newborns annually worldwide, and affects 1-2 cases per 1,000 live births in the U.S. alone. This fosters broad-spectrum antibiotic use that leads to poor outcomes and unnecessary costs associated with hospital stay and antibiotic overuse.


Rapid diagnosis would allow for quicker, more-targeted sepsis treatment for this vulnerable patient population, and this is where MelioLabs comes in. MelioLabs has developed a low-cost, universal platform to detect common pathogens and antibiotic resistance signatures directly from a patient sample in under 3 hours by machine-learning and digital melt analysis.

MTM Student Engagement

Our MTM team performed competitive market analysis, regulatory planning, data processing pipeline architecture design, creation of marketing materials, patent and freedom-to-operate analysis, species characterization, and reimbursement strategy.

Project Leader

Photo of Megan

Megan Sullivan

Clinical Operations Manager

Current Health

MTM Team Members

Photo of Christine

Christine Rachel Joseph

Device Developer & Human Factors Engineer


photo of Diego

Diego Vieira

CSO & Co-Founder

Medical Harbour