PyrAmes’ core mission is to offer wearable products which continuously and non-invasively monitor blood pressure.

The Issue

Hypertensive disorders such as gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, eclampsia, and postpartum hypertension impact a significant number of pregnancies, putting both mother and child at risk for severe adverse health conditions.


PyrAmes has a device called Bosimi which continually measures blood pressure noninvasively. Bosimi has proprietary sensors that measure pulse-waveform data and transmits it to the Bosimi app on a receiving device such as a mobile phone. The data then runs a neural network to correlate sensor readings to blood pressure values.

MTM Student Engagement

 MTM students worked closely with the PyrAmes team to gain experience with researching market considerations such as application fit/pull, obtainable market, reimbursement strategy, business model, regulatory implications, and channel strategy. Being external to PyrAmes, the MTM team offered a unique perspective and a fresh set of eyes on the project.

Project Leader

Art Muir

Product Manager

MTM Team Members

Ahmed AlSayed

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

King Saud University

Crystal Gong

B.S. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Data Science

University of California, Berkeley

Nicolette Tsang

B.E. Biomedical/Medical Engineering

National University of Singapore

Nya Domkam

B.E. Biomedical/Medical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley