A better way to close the abdominal wall fascia after laparotomy to reduce the incidence of incisional hernias.

The Issue

Incisional Hernia (IH) is a common complication that occurs after laparotomy, often leading to high morbidity, decreased quality of life, and significant financial costs. This issue typically results from sutures cutting through the fascia due to poor technique or inadequate tissue perfusion. 


In response to this challenge, we propose an innovative automated fascial closure device designed to decrease the incidence of IH in high-risk patients. The device is like a stapler to evenly spread the tension, thereby reducing the likelihood of cutting through the fascial tissue and subsequently causing fascial dehiscence. 

MTM Student Engagement

MTM students engage in prototype development and refinement, user needs assessments, regulatory strategy planning, business case development and fundraising proposals.